The Walking Dead

The Walking DeadThe Walking Dead is one of the video games that have become very popular among games around the world. The game features a zombie apocalypse from the very beginning, which gives players an insight into all the action. Players start off as a criminal named Lee who soon meets up with a young girl in all this madness. Lee tries to get the girl back to her parents, which then leads to meeting more people and you all stand together. In many ways, it’s the same as the popular TV series.


Even though the game is a point and click, players are still in for an amazing experience with all types of thrills. This game has a bit of a dark story when you consider the zombies and all the ways there are to kill them. Sure it’s not evil to an extent, but most people would see a game dark simply because of the blood and gore involved with gameplay.

The Walking Dead1

The game is very directed, meaning you are told what to do in some cases. Most of the time you need to kill zombies with normal hand tools such as a wrench. The game will tell you when you can open fire of zombies. Now this might seem like a downfall for the game, but it all makes sense to keep you and the team from getting into situations of no return.

The game is also very interactive. Players have the ability to move around and click on just about anything. The game will explain what it is and what options you have with the specific item. People that are passing by can be interacted with by once again, clicking on them. This will provide various dialog options to talk to the person about, which could lead to some helpful info about what’s to come. Most of the game does involve dialog, which will lead you in the right direction and explain how things work as you go.

Everything you do in the game will matter and possibly have an effect on the end result of the game. This ranges from killing someone to letting another person join your group. Should 2 people be fighting in the group, you will need to choose sides and lose the other person, which once again could mean you lose out on important info, no matter who you choose. So there are lots of choices to make in the game, which could be frustrating, but also very interesting once you get into it.

For most players, they will find the game sits between the traditional point and click game versus those that are full on zombie horror game, which in many ways makes it a great play. There are 5 episodes to play through, which doesn’t take too long per episode, but everything that happens will simply keep you on the edge of your chair. The little girl you meet in the beginning has a great effect on the things you do. Every now and then you might find yourself needing to replay a stage due to the actions she has seen. Might seem like a pain now, but once you get into it, you will be a lot more considerate, which once again changes the outcome.