The Evil Within

The Evil WithinThe Evil Within is an all-out horror game with some fairly strange occurrences. You play as a detective, which is on the case after finding dead bodies along with his partner, which turns out to be a lot more than just an investigation. At the scene, the entire city starts to shake and actually split in half. For some reason, this presents various zombies.

The zombies are a bit better explained when you see the god that can appear at any time and disappear whenever he chooses. This is definitely not just your typical horror game as a great physiological aspect has also been included. Meaning while you are wondering around waiting for the next horrifying monster to attack, the developers also managed to include a suspense build up, which makes walking down a dark alley a lot scarier.

The Evil Within1

The game features a great storyline as well, which appear in a cinematic way with a wider screen and various cut scenes. Players will find the game is different from anything you’ve played before. You have the ability to upgrade some of your features, which occurs by visiting a certain place, which enhances you with shock therapy of all things.

The enemies are definitely on a whole new level as well. For the most part, you will fight zombies which could become quite difficult, but manageable. The graphics on these characters are good enough and luckily they don’t all look the same as some other zombie games. However, you will find yourself getting into situations from time to time that may scare you the minute you see the character. These have been proven to be a lot harder as well. In the one scene you walk into a room, which has broken tiles on all the walls, a single dim light and various items on the ground, but then this character walks in that has a safe for a head, cover in bob-wire and wearing a butcher’s apron covers in blood smears.

Another interesting character would be the spider girl. No matter how I explain her, it will never do it justice. This is one of the hardest characters to kill, but at the same time, it’s very entertaining and scary. There are many of these type stages, which are sure to have you stuck at the time, but playing through makes you feel somewhat rewarded.


The game graphics are amazing, and sometimes are so good that it might be hard telling the difference between a cutscene and when you actually have control. Not exactly something to complain about, but be on the lookout for when you have control of your character. The game doesn’t really give you time to fool around after a scene, so I recommend also being ready.


The game sound is definitely part of what makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up when walking into a house or room. In some scene you can hear a girl laughing in the background, which is freaky all on its own when considering the situation. Static and other sounds also play a great part in the game, but sometimes the sounds can’t prepare you for the things about to happen.