Silent Hill

Silent HillSilent Hill is a video game that has been known to scare players like no other. The creators are focused creating an environment, which keeps you on edge and alert, which presenting unexpected situations that make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. Other horror titles such as Resident Evil are more about a hero fight through many horrible monsters, which others such as Paranormal puts you in a position where you feel helpless.silent hill1 Silent Hill has managed to combine these 2 factors and make the game completed unrespecting with horror scenes and scares all around.

One of the hardest things that I, like many others have found is to react after the game sends a scare your way. So while you are jumping around and basically trying to catch your breath, you still need to focus and defend yourself. You’d think after some playing time you kind of get used to it, but that the beauty of the game, their timing is different every time, which means there is no getting used to it even if the game warns you.

Graphics and Sounds

The game is available on both PC and Sony PlayStation. Many players might have their own preferences, but expect some high-quality graphics, which means your PC needs to be up to standard.

The developers have gone to great lengths to create a real world environment, which is part of the thrill. Entering the town where the little girl has gone missing will already assure you that things just aren’t right here. The lighting is dark most of the time with dark cloud covered skies and misty nights ahead of you. A flashlight is available, but don’t expect too much from it as the batteries seem a little flat and only provide light equivalent to a candle. Entering a dark house would be scariest for most players as this light only allows you to see a few feet ahead.

The game sound is definitely a huge addition to the thrill of the game. For the best experience, you a surround sound system with decent sound quality. It’s the game sound that makes you doubt yourself and how well you scanned over a room on the entrance. Players will find themselves often turning around in fear to look behind then, even though the room is empty and you know it.

As soon as monsters lurk around, your radio will start to make a static sound, but an event with this warning, you never know what’s about to happen or when exactly. You might draw your gun and look around with the flashlight to try to get yourself a preview at least, but it never seems to help when the attack finally happens.

The monsters in the game are definitely different and really weird, I won’t say it’s them you fear, but rather the way the game manages to build up the doubt within yourself. The creators have managed to create most people’s worst nightmare where you are in control of where you go, but not what happens and how it happens.