Resident Evil

Resident EvilResident Evil has been around for many years now. The game most features zombies, which attack you while you are trying to find the cure and save the world. The game has changed a bit through its 6 variations, which has only become more thrilling. Judging by the game name, the gore and action of the game, ii’s easy to see why this game is featured on our dark list.

The latest version is Resident Evil 6, which actually did not do so well on the scoreboard as it scores only 4.5 out of 10. However, many people that have played the game don’t agree with this rating. Resident Evil 6 does feature a few changes to the traditional game, which is expected after so many years in the gaming world. The latest game doesn’t feature normal zombies like the previous versions as these have more abilities and are not just some half dead people walking Resident Evil1around, which are actually quite easy to kill. The latest game’s zombies are able to use guns and react, which makes it a lot more fun and thrilling.

The 6th edition of the game features 4 different campaigns, but to get to the 4th campaign you need to play through the first 3 and complete them. Telling you about the 4th campaign would be a spoiler, which is not what anyone wants. The first 3 campaigns feature different gaming styles and character abilities.

Chris Redfield Campaign

This is definitely a campaign for players looking for an action packed experience. All the campaigns feature great action, but with this big guy and the guns he has you can expect just to walk through the stages and just offload with tons of ammo. The game would be very easy for the campaign, as the zombies now also have the ability to attack you with guns. However, each and every interaction will put a smile on your face.

Jake Muller Campaign

The Jake Muller campaign will be a lot of fun as well. Here it’s all about using your hands and the special fighting skills you have. There are still various weapons available, but using the skills you have will be a lot more fun. At first, it might be a bit scary to use, but once you get a hand of it, you might find yourself missing the abilities when moving onto the next campaign.

Leon S Kennedy Campaign

Leon Kennedy might be familiar to some of you who have played the earlier versions of the game. This campaign will take you back to the game style of the earlier games as well, where it’s all about survival and scary things taking place constantly. In the game, you are provided with a flashlight and shotgun, which is perfect for those close combat situation in the dark areas of the game. The multiplayer option in the game is a lot of fun. You will be able to join just about anyone’s game and play as an enemy. This means you play against the player, but it also means other players can join your game and make things a bit more interesting.