Gaming Consoles

With horror games, you will find amazing details and graphics are key for an enjoyable experience. The developers are coming up with new ways to excite and thrill players, but at the same time, it means you need a faster machine to keep up with everything the game has to offer.


ps4The Sony PlayStation has always been a favorite among players of all types. This includes dark games with paranormal and horrific themes. With the PS4 players get to enjoy these games with incredible graphics due to what the gaming console has to offer. The controls are incredible and provide the players with various options in the game.

The great thing about the PS4 is that no upgrades are needed and players have the ability to enjoy any game with the very best graphics. The console also offers the ability to purchase games online and players can use the console for many other uses such as movies, Netflix, other apps and connecting with friends.


XboxLike the PS4, the Xbox One provides a very similar gaming experience. However, the Xbox One might not have as many control options as the PS4, but some players prefer this above all the options of the PS4. The Xbox one comes with many horror games as well, but ones that are usually different from the PS4 range.

With the Xbox, players also have the ability to use various features on the consoles to enjoy games, movies and various apps. The Xbox comes with a Kinect sensor, which has the ability to control your home theater system with voice control. This device also comes with a camera, which can track you while you play, but does not really offer any benefit for horror type games, yet.


A computer has always been a favorite for these types of games. The only major issue with computers is that advanced hardware and software is required, which could set you back a few thousand dollars if you want the very best graphics. However, with all the different controllers and game options available, many still choose to use these for gaming instead of a console.

Most of the time there are a lot more available game on PC than for the consoles put together, which makes it much easier to find your type of game. These games are also less expensive, but when you consider the requirement for your hardware and software, you can’t really count it as a saving. Many would say there are cheaper options with computer hardware, which is correct, but that would be able to match the PS4 and Xbox One when it comes to speed and graphics.


The PS4 and Xbox one are the cheapest options while providing some of the best gaming experiences. Prices range from $300.00 to $500.00 depending on the console you take and what it comes with. There are a few options, which include various hard drive sizes and accessories.
For a PC it gets a lot more complicated. These range from a few hundred to well into the thousand dollar mark. It all depends on what you choose to include with the PC to provide the graphics you want and the speed needed for the game. With the latest games a standard PC just won’t be able to keep up with the details included with these games.