DiabloDiablo is a range of games including the first and 2 sequels so far. The game is a point and click type game, which obviously has a dark story to it judging by the name. The game has been around for many years and finally Diablo 3 has been launched after a long 12-year wait.

Your mission in the game is to stop evil from rising and taking over with a set of highly specialized fight tools from 5 different characters. These include the barbarian, a monk, a demon, a wizard and of course the witch doctor. All the characters have kills of their own, which are available from the beginning. However, the wizard takes a bit longer to build up his abilities, but they are well worth the wait. The wizard definitely provides the most entertaining kills with its Diablo 1powers where the others are most about beating the evil monsters to death.

Compared to the first and second version, it’s been said that Diablo 3 feels more like World of Warcraft event though it’s not really an MMO type game. This refers more to the way you move around and the abilities each of the characters has. The worlds are different each time you play the game, the rooms, and interface might appear similar at first, but it’s like everything has been moved around and new adventures present themselves.

Different Game Levels

There are a few levels for each of the players to work through. At first, you might find yourself flying through all the levels and finishing the game easily. However, on the first completion of the game hard mode will be unlocked, which means a whole new side of the game becomes available and with the randomized dungeons, the same game is never repeated. Along with this, things become more difficult, you die easier because your enemies are so much stronger. Sure there are things you can do to better yourself such as get better armor, powers and event weapons for some of your characters.

For an enjoyable game in the first few levels try to avoid the most powerful armor. This puts you on more of a fair level, which makes it a bit harder to get through. Players need to collect gold in the game to purchase armor and other special abilities, but the gold is easy to find and it’s been said the developer is added a real money purchase options. However, no further details have been launched about this. Some might say it would make things too easy and why would you spend real money on fake armor, but then again there are players who would appreciate the option.


With most, if these types of games you need to craft your characters, which is one of the most time consuming and annoying parts of the game. Well with Diablo 3 they have included the crafting requirement, but it applies to all of your characters, which means you don’t need to train each and every character. Another neat feature is that the gear on each character can be exchanged with another. This means you can build your characters just the way you want them.